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Faris - 26/10/2022

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  • Faris - 26/10/2022

    We have created a new event that we will call Seed of Annihilation Invasion. Twice a day, for one hour each, SOA will open and monsters will invade it. It is a permanent FLAG Party Farm zone.

    Three new Raid Bosses have been added, one in each Seed: Taklacan, Dopagen and Torumba.

    SOA drops will be 5x higher than other Farm zones, and will drop ALL items found in Hellbound, Monastery, DVC and Primeval Isle zones.

    Monsters are about 10x more harder to kill. In short, each monster killed in SOA equals 5 monsters killed in every other farm area. At the end of the day, the drop compared to the regular Farm is 2x better, not counting other factors such as mobility and lack of respawns.

    When the event is running, a teleport will appear on Mystra.

    The Event will take place every day at 11:30 and 23:30 UTC -1

    We created a new Captcha system for the game's BOT Report tool. It is a web system, where an external link will open redirecting the accused to our website to answer a Captcha. If the following page appears for you, answer Captcha to avoid punishment!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	captcha.png Views:	0 Size:	40.4 KB ID:	178167

    Premium characters will receive Captcha less frequently when Farming (5x less) and if they answer Captcha correctly, they can only be reported again after one hour versus 30min if not Premium.

    Six new Skins have been added to the game: Sagittarius Armor, Gemini Armor, Virgo Armor, Aquarius Armor, Fire Ranker, Dark Ranker and Valakas. All Legendary.

    The four gold armors are more difficult to obtain than the other legendary skins, and the sagittarius being the most difficult of them all

    In addition, we created a Quest! By talking to Gabrielle Bonheur or using the .dressme command you will be able to access this quest, which consists of acquiring several Skins so that you obtain a skill that will increase your PVP. Defense.

    The quest consists of three parts: Gather 10 common, 5 rare and 3 legendary skins. Each part resolves into one Skin Mastery skill level which will increase by 1.5% PvP. Def per level.

    Each player will have a unique Quest! That is, players will have to acquire different Skins from each other, these being chosen at random.

    The Skill Skin Mastery, by being a fixed and permanent skill of the character, will work inside Olympiads.​​​​​​​

    Skin Vault price reduced both in the Exilium Store and on Hector

    Search our Website and Forum before post.