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Faris - 07/01/2023

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  • Faris - 07/01/2023

    New changes were made to the new Skills formula regarding the use of critical rate and critical power.

    The fixed chance of skills is back, but now with the influence of critical rate. The chance of the skill to cause critical will be calculated by the base chance of the Skill + half of your Critical Rate.

    The base chances we used are similar to the original ones, but with some changes.

    - Charge Skills will have base chance of 25%
    - Short-range skills will have base chance of 20%
    - Short-range skills that can cause a debuff (Stun for example) will have base chance of 15%
    - Long-range skills will have base chance of 10% (Lethal Shot and Death Shot specifically 15%)
    - All the rest will also have base chance of 10%

    So, for example you are a Duelist with critical rate of 300 (30%) and use Tripple Sonic Slash (25%). The chance the skill have to cause critical damage will be 30%/2 + 25% = 40%. Another example, if you are an Archer with 700 critical rate (70%) and uses Death Shot, the critical chance of the skill will be 70%/2+15% = 50%

    As for critical damage, the damage will be calculated as 1 + 0.7 * your critical power. So, even if you don't have any critical power your skills will still cause 1,7x more damage on a critical.

    PS: Blows are not affected by this change. Blows are still based exclusively on your critical rate and power


    This change will make the weight of the critical rate in the choices of buffs and builds not so extremely critical, making it possible that more defensive builds are also viable since the skill will always have a fixed rate of causing critical, which can be increased or not according to your critical rate.

    In addition, certain classes that have very high critical rates and power benefited more than expected, this change provides a "brake" for very high critical rates and powers.

    There is also the fact that within the olympiads many classes have critical rate and power deficiencies, this small adjustment will work as a boost to the skills within the oly.
    Daggers positioning (front, side and back) have been reworked and fixed (side was not functioning properly). The following image shows the correct positioning you must have from now on

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Dagger.png Views:	0 Size:	51.6 KB ID:	179871

    PS: This change is online since 05/01.

    Ogre Spirit Totem nerf removed (back to +30% P. Atk.)

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