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Faris - 18/01/2023

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  • Faris - 18/01/2023

    Improvements were made to the Follow system.

    Now you can just press "F1" and your character will follow the target even if he is behind obstacles. Any movement you are currently making will be canceled by the new command (your character will immediately follow the target)

    Before the F1 didn't work if the target was behind obstacles, just CTRL+F1 or use some skill. Also, if your character was moving, he would first finish the movement, then start following the target.

    Another change was with regards to "holding the key" (spamming) during Follow . For example hold F2 to use some skill. This behavior was causing more geodata bugs, but we fixed it. Holding to attack should no longer cause this issue.

    .gotolove can no longer be used if your partner is dead. Price increased from 300.000 to 30.000.000

    Five new Magic Skins have been added: Eternal Heavy, Eternal Light, Eternal Robe, Seraph Heavy and Seraph Light. They're all available on the Skin Vault as Legendary.

    Three new Olympiad Stadiums have been added.

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