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Faris - 14/03/2019

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  • Faris - 14/03/2019

    Special Agathions and its skills reworked

    Item duration changed from 7 days to 24 hours.

    Great Warrior's, Adventurer's and Wizard's Soul Power; Prominent Outsider Adventurer's; Power of the Golden Calf and Flute Sound skills will have now 3 minutes duration, instead 5.

    All these skills mentioned will have also a Flame effect on the character, so other people know they're using it.

    All these agathions can be obtained on Exilium Magic Boxes. The chance was reduced from 10% of getting one of them, to 5%. But before, you could get some other random agathions too. Now you only get these useful ones.

    The "Special Agathions" section on the Exilium Store was also reworked. Now you can find there only the useful and functioniing ones in a more organizated way.

    Some adjustments on the Classes Balancement

    Returning time of buffs after Cancellation skills is now 30s. The initial set up was 15s. But after many complaits about "how useless" it would become we had to increase to 40s, a lower value than the 60s "suggested" by players. Well, now we're reducing it again based on complaits about "how powerfull" it is. Also, Cancellation skill and Steal Divinity skill had their reuse delay increased.

    There was an old bonus on all Archers, problably from since the beggining. That was +40 Critical rate for all three archers and +10% Bow vulnerability for everyone. We really don't think this is necessary anymore, in fact, we didn't even remembered this was there, so it have just been removed.

    Bluff chance reduced. it was something around 40% success, which is pretty high. Another thing to comment is that a "good side" from stuns is that they can be removed by being hit, but daggers don't give much melee hits, they use only skills, and don't have much damage also, which makes the Bluff lasts longer than other Stuns and thus, combined with a high success rate, unbalanced.

    Maximum Magic Critical rate increased from 20% to 25%

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