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Faris - 18/03/2019

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  • Faris - 18/03/2019

    Zombie Infection Event re-worked and added again. Also the [Event error] problem that was happening yesterday is fixed now.

    The Objective of this Event is to turn 3 humans into Zombies (if you're a zombie) or to be the last "human" on it in order to Win the Event. The event is placed on Town of Dion for now. You can't leave the town during it. If you do, you'll get a severe Slow and will be removed from the event (and banned) in 30 seconds. Don't keep leaving and entering the town, because this 30s counter don't stop. To summarize, don't leave the town!

    On Survivor Event, if there's more than one survivor at the end, Wins the one with the biggest Score among them (who got more kills). You can check other's Score by opening the event window during the event. In other words, the hide and seek thing will make no much sense now.

    We've re-worked the Events Schedule, trying to mix the events types and styles, and also reducing the amount of events during Olympiad period.

    Special Exclusive Cloaks (the ones you get on the Olympiad manager) have been removed from Exilium Store. They can only be purchased by going Olympiads now.

    "Buff of Cheers" Special agathions will have now a 30-day duration. The already existing ones have been updated to a 30-day duration too.

    Some adjustments on the Classes Balancement

    ∟+5% Stun resistance to all classes. Stun skills was indeed with a higher land rate than other "debuff" skills.
    ∟ Servitor Share skill shared P.Def increased to 35% and M.Def to 30%
    ∟ Vampiric Mist fixed. It was still having that "Vortex problem" of not working properly.

    Some adjustments on the Classes Balancement inside Olympiad only

    ∟+3% Stun, Debuffs, Derangement, Root and Paralyze resistances to all classes*

    ∟Spectral Master
    - 10% Magical Damage
    +10% Magical Skill MP Comsumption

    ∟Phoenix Knight
    -5% Physycal Damage

    +5% Magical Skill MP Comsumption
    - 10% Concentration

    * Except Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Shillien Templar, Spectral Master, Titan, Grand Khavathari, Dominator and Maestro.
    Also, the 2% resists that was already there (on all classes, including these ones), have been removed. All other classes will have now 5% resists (instead 2% as before, that's why I said "+3%" up there) and the classes on this list will have 2% less as before.
    In other words, no resist bonus for these classes inside Olympiads, and +5% for all others (instead 2% for everyone as before).

    PS: All changes that we make outside the Olympiads also take effect inside of it, so, as example, the +5% Stun Resist I mentioned up there will also take effect inside Olympiads.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.