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Faris - 21/03/2019

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  • Faris - 21/03/2019

    New buffs added to the "Support Magic" of Clan Halls and Fortress: Eye of Pa'agrio +15, Pa'agrio's Fist +15, Freezing Skin +30 Power, Dark Weapon +15 Power and Invigor +30

    To use these buffs you need a item called Mysterious Scroll. You can obtain this item directly by clicking on "Support Magic" on the Clan Hall or Fortress managers. Its price have been increased too.

    A new item have been implemented: Olf's T-shirt. This item is a shirt that can be only obtained on the Olympiad Manager with Olympiad Tokens. When enchanted to +4 it will provide +744 CP plus +0.2 Mana Regen and when you enchant it to +10 it will provide +1 STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN.

    Also, It can only be enchanted by its own Enchants Scrolls which is also sold only on the Olympiad Manager by Olympiad Tokens.

    Apply a Fast Update in order to see these items and skills correctly!

    Prophecies (Fire, Water, Wind) and Chant of Victory enchanted routes will not be replaced by non-enchanted versions of them (+0 will not replace ++ buffs). But only the ones mentioned here for now.

    Agathion Seal Bracelet - Antharas is now restricted inside Olympiads. This was a glitch. Very comfortable, very easy, but still, a non-sense glitch.

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