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Faris - 09/05/2020

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  • Faris - 09/05/2020

    Only one character per computer will be allowed to enter Siege/TW zones. This is to avoid BOTs inside the Siege or TW zones. This restriction is valid for each castle zone separately. You can, however, have one character inside Giran's Castle zone and another in Goddard's Castle zone for example.

    A restriction of a number of computers allowed to login an account in a certain period of time was added. You can't login an account on more than 5 different computers in a period of 7 days. This is also to avoid BOTs, cheats, improper sharing of accounts, etc. The computers allowed to login your account will always be the TOP 5 computers that you use to login that account, and that you use frequently (the TOP 5 of the last 7 days). We're now displaying these computers and if they are allowed or not to login on our website, inside your panel (

    An intelligent Fame distribution system was developed on the Events. Now, you'll get Fame based on the opponent's Score. This mean, if you defeat someone with a high Score, you'll get more fame per kill than defeating someone who have no score at all. Players with a Score of -5 stop giving Fame.


    Killing someone with Score: 0 on Battles: You'll receive 10 points of Fame
    Killing someone with Score: 10 on Battles: You'll receive 110 points of Fame
    Killing someone with Score: 20 on Battles: You'll receive 151 points of Fame

    Each event have its own formula and peculiarities. We also recommend you to read this new page we've written:

    For a better view of the Scores of everyone inside the events, we will replace the title from "K: | D:" (kills and deaths) for the old style, with shows the score itself, for example "< - 10 - >"
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