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  • Server UP.

    Server is online again!

    We had some problems with the datacenter, after repairing it, the main machine (which runs the gameserver) doesnt start again. After some tickets, the datacenter support team informs us:


    We have checked the status of your server via IPMI and noticed the following message on the screen.
    Looks like one of the disks on your server is failed. Please take the necessary backup and get back to us so that we will perform a disk check on your server. The server will be offline during the test and we require 3 to 4 hours for the test.

    If the disk is faulty we need to replace the disk. All data on the disk will be lost during this process.

    Please update us with your convinient time in EST to perform the test.
    The good news is that the HDD is alive, but we will probably select a maintenance day to backup everything and change this HDD since this is the 2nd time that this happens.